Dior Rouge - Rose Lingerie

This is one my favorite lipsticks. It's a very soft rose color that can be worn everyday. It's also a really good lip moisturizer.

Dior lipsticks are a bit pricey ($34) , but to me it's worth it:)

Real Housewives of New Jersey

So we're going to start a new thing here on Amreeki Haseena, every Tuesday we're going to discuss the new episode of Amreeki Haseena favorite Real Housewives of New Jersey. The show airs on Monday nights on Bravo so we're going to make Tuesdays our discussion night. This will give ample time for those who DVR the show (like me) or catch it online to watch it. For now we're going to do an overview of the show and we'll begin our discussions of the new episode on next Tuesday.

I hope anyone reading this is already familiar with the whole "Housewives" series on Bravo. They started a couple years ago with the Real Housewives of Orange County, then started a season in New York, then Atlanta, and then New Jersey! Each season has about 10-15 episodes so the shows run about 3-4 months each. They're almost done with this season of the Real Housewives of New York (which airs on Thursdays and this upcoming Thursday is the finale!) and they're into about the fourth episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey's second season.

Now you might be asking, why New Jersey? Why do we want to "discuss" New Jersey? Well because it's the best of all the housewives shows! So much personality and drama! I highly suggest that if you haven't seen the first season of New Jersey, you find it somewhere and watch it because it's going to help you better understand this season. And we're already a couple episodes into this season, so get moving! I'm going to do a brief summary of each housewife:

Caroline - She's kind of like the maternal figure on the show. She's got (I think) 3 grown children and her husband owns this famous catering/event place called the Brownstone. She's not really a forgive and forget type of person and family always comes first for her. She's proud of her "Italian" values and traditions.

Dina - She's Caroline's sister and sister-in-law. She has one daughter and her husband has never been on the show (he's supposedly a very busy man and doesn't want to be videotaped for this show.) Dina is very spiritual and has rosaries and figurines of Catholic saints around her house. Even though she seems to be a very spiritual Catholic, she also believes in psychics, etc.

Jacqueline - She's married to Caroline and Dina's brother. She has a grown daughter from a previous marriage and has 2 young boys from her current husband. She's very much the "trying-to-stay-neutral" person and is constantly pressured by her sister-in-laws (Caroline and Dina) to side with them (watch season 1 to know why!) She's cute and bubbly.

Teresa - My favorite housewife! She's very fashionable and girly and always dressed up. She's got 4 cute little daughters and they're always dressed up from top to bottom in extremely fashionable clothing. Teresa is my favorite because she's just fun to watch. She is someone I would definitely want to be friends with in real life. She's sweet, funny, and still maintains her traditional values. She cares for her husband and children and does it all in heels (even when she's going to give birth at the hospital!)

Danielle - My least favorite housewife. She's definitely the villain of the show. She's a single mom of 2 daughters. Her eldest daughter is beginning a modeling career which is documented in this season. She's got a shady past (watch season 1!) and is kind of borderline psycho.

Well that's my general overview of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I hope you check it out and join us next Tuesday when we'll be talking about episodes 1-5 of the second season (which is this season.)

Zarga's Make up collection

Here is my baby lol

I love creamy lipsticks and glosses. I dont really have one specific brand, I have a little bit of everything- Dior lipstick, Chanel Rouge, Chanel lip gloss, Guerlain, VS, Lancome...

My blushes are usually light rosey colors or peachy colors.

I love gold/ copper/ brown eyeshadows. I really love MAC's dramatic colors and Bourjois creamy shiny shades.
Lancome has good brown/ black/ nude trio eyeshadow sets.

More eyeshadows, I really like the Almay bronze set, it tells you exactly where to apply each color. I also have a VS concealor palette, very helpful! Each color works for every woman's needs.

Powder compacts-

I recently tried Laura Mercier foundation and I love it. It's very rich and a small drop goes a long way. It's really worth the price.

These are eyeshadow/ blush palettes I got in France- Yves Rocher and Dr. Ricaud. Yves Rocher has expanded to the US market a few years ago but it's still pretty unknow. I love their products they use all natural/ green ingredients.

I love the VS bronzer compact from last years Egyptian collection. The Lancome cream bronze in copper goes on as a cream but has a powder finish, very nice

And finally the brushes. I love a good brush, but I'm not one to spend over $10 for one! I love the Ecotools set. It has the basic brushes needed and they feel so soft on your skin, especially the blush brush. I also have a Sephora foundation brush and Guerlain set.

There you have it, Zarga's makeup:)

YSL Make up

I've always been a fan of Yves St Laurent- the designer. He revolutionized women's fashion with bold men's style suits with broad-shoulders that were images of power for women. He also created trousers for day and evening wear.

But now I love the YSL makeup! It's just as bold as the fashion label. The makeup is pretty expensive so I don't have alot of it...yet! I'm sorry building up my collection lol.

This is one of my favorite lipstick colors-#22. It's a vibrant medium-dark berry color. What I love most about the lipsticks is the that they are so shiny and creamy.

Kinza's Collection

Here is some of Kinza's makeup collection. Most of the brands she uses are either Pakistani or Arab. Eye shadow kits are one of the best things to get in these countries, even I bought one a while ago. These eyeshadow kits are awesome because you get a lot of colors for a fraction of the price of an American brand. Plus the colors are pretty rich and show well.

This particular eyeshadow kit was bought in Dubai. Kinza says that the hues of these colors are so rich that you only need to apply the color once to achieve a vibrant color.

I'm in love with the last row! And look at those pinks!

Hashmi Kajal is a staple for Kinza and she loves her ETUDE and Sweet Touch lipsticks.

Natasha's Collection

Natasha's makeup collection consists mostly of MAC and Victoria's Secret products. And recently she's become a Clinique fan.


I wanted to start off the new blog with perfumes, because I love having different kinds of perfumes.
I used to have so many, but now I'm trying to finish up the ones I already have before buying new ones. So here are is my small collection:

Jean Paul Gaultier- MADAME, Kenzo-FLOWER, Yves St Laurent- PARISIENNE, Dolce Gabbana- THE ONE, Bath & Body Works- P.S. I LOVE YOU, Yves St Laurent-RIVE GAUCHE, Lolita Lempika- L

My 3 favorite are
This is currently my favorite perfume of all the new ones that have come out. It has such a nice floral smell.

This is a very strong perfume it lasts the whole day. It's one of those perfumes that is a classic and never goes out of style.

This is such a light and fresh perfume, perfect to wear on a hot summer day.

Another perfume I would like to buy is Chanel- N. 5. It has taken me years to appreciate this perfume. It's just such a strong and rich perfume, my mom has been wearing this perfume ever since I can remember! To me she's always smelled like Chanel N. 5 lol. It is still pretty strong for me, so I really like Chanel N.5 EAU PREMIERE, which is lighter and has fresh smell.